General orders

General orders list which ministers have responsibility for all current Victorian legislation.

The Premier issues general orders after each election or when the Premier makes large-scale changes to portfolio responsibilities. 

Kết quả xổ số miền bắc chủ nhậtA supplement to the most recent general order is issued by the Premier when a small number of amendments is made.

General orders (and supplements) do not include acts where it is unnecessary, including:

  • where the responsible minister is specified in the legislation 
  • for private acts 
  • for spent legislation.

Each ministerial portfolio is listed alphabetically. Under each portfolio is an alphabetical list of legislation. Where more than one minister is responsible for an act, the sections are specified to reflect allocated responsibility.

Previous general orders and supplements

If an older general order PDF file is not accessible and you need an accessible version, email

Reviewed 29 November 2020

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